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Your support of
Construct Tomorrow
is greatly appreciated.

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Construct Tomorrow was founded in 2013 to bring awareness to high school students about the remarkable post-secondary career opportunities in the construction and building trades industries.

We actively and enthusiastically promote apprenticeship trades education by hosting hands-on, interactive learning experiences across the state of Minnesota.

We partner closely with industry leaders, training experts, and union advocates to create meaningful experiences for students. We also work to connect with families, educators, and community leaders to increase their appreciation and understanding of the benefits of apprenticeships as a premier post-secondary career pathway.

Your donation will help us connect with students in both new and traditional ways that may very well change the course of their future. It will allow us to adapt as necessary as we plan and stage events in a manner that ensures the safety of everyone involved. Most importantly, your support will give us the resources needed as we rethink and retool our delivery of smaller, more nimble events and evolve toward distance learning.

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