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Sharing Hands-on Construction Experience

Construct Tomorrow was founded in 2013 to bring awareness to high school students about the remarkable post-secondary career opportunities in the construction and building trades industries. 


Since then, Construct Tomorrow has connected with 70,000 students from more than 400 high schools across the state of Minnesota through experiential, hands-on learning activities that feature the construction trades. Students who attend a Construct Tomorrow event receive practical, one-on-one advice from experienced trades professionals, and from current apprentices -- young men and women not much older than the students themselves -- who are thriving in apprenticeship programs.

Construct Tomorrow also works to connect with, educate, and excite teachers and school counselors who interact with students on a daily basis. We strive to be the first resource for school officials and are always happy to help answer follow-up questions from students and their parents.


At Construct Tomorrow, we have three building blocks that round out our mission:

  • Provide experiences for youth through hands-on events that develop awareness of the variety of opportunities available in Building and Construction Trades

  • Elevate the understanding of the value of the Building and Construction trade unions; professional organizations that provide continual training, career development, peer communities, and quality of life benefits

  • Further the educational continuum to include families, educators, and communities to better appreciate the benefits of apprenticeships as a premier post-secondary career pathway

We achieve this by:


  • Hosting engaging and informative events that provide hands-on activities in the trades.

  • Teaming up students with industry leaders and representatives from the various unions.

  • Being inclusive in our efforts by hosting events statewide, in both rural and urban areas.

  • Providing follow-up services to those participants that express interest in construction trades.

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