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Parents, Teachers and Counselors

An important part of the Construct Tomorrow mission is to connect with, educate, and excite parents, teachers and school counselors who interact with students on a daily basis. We strive to be the first resource for and are always happy to help answer follow-up questions from students and their parents.

Construct Tomorrow Student Events
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Construct Tomorrow hosts up to nine student events over the course of the school year across the state of Minnesota. Our events light a spark in students and encourage them to learn more about apprenticeship education in the construction and building trades. Our student events are loud, active, and fun.

Our trades education partners offer creative ways to get students involved. The carpenters hold speed-nailing events. The iron workers set up an I-beam five feet off the ground and challenge students to walk across it. The welders have virtual-reality welding.

Students look forward to our events and many come back a second or third time. 

Interested in having someone from Construct Tomorrow speak to your group about registered apprenticeship?

Over the past several months, Construct Tomorrow has worked to strengthen our connection with parents, educators, and community influencers. Our goal is to help people better understand what an apprenticeship education entails and to highlight the outstanding benefits of apprenticeships.


Recently, Construct Tomorrow Program Coordinator, Anna Carlson, spoke to the CTE Works! Summit 2022. Anna has also spoken with schools, community groups, and students about apprenticeship trades education. Let us know if you're interested in having Anna speak to your group.

Apprenticeship Minnesota
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Apprenticeship Minnesota supports Minnesota’s economy by promoting, facilitating and developing quality registered apprenticeship programs that recruit, train and retain a highly skilled and diverse workforce.

Recognizing the important role that parents and educators play in a young person's career decision, Apprenticeship Minnesota has developed resources and information specifically for you.

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