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Minnesota Statewide
Limited Energy JATC

The Minnesota Statewide Limited Energy JATC provides technical education to all members of the power-limited industry, particularly those who are employed by contractors signatory to the Minnesota Limited Energy Agreement. The JATC provides apprenticeship training and continuing education in 

  • Voice, Data and Video

  • Fire Alarms

  • Security and Access Control Systems

  • Audio

  • Computer Networking

Resources and Partners

Our newly updated Resources page brings together links, partner information, and videos to help demystify the details around apprenticeship education.


Looking for a Training Center for a specific trade?

We've got them - both in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota.

Would you rather videos with lots of great information?

They're here too.


As a parent, are you wondering how you can be more involved?

We can help you on your search for information.

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Construct Tomorrow Featured Partner

Ask an Apprentice

The best part of Construct Tomorrow Student Events are when high school students get a chance to talk to apprentices - young people not much older than the students - and ask practical, real world questions about their apprenticeship. COVID-19 prevents those interactions from taking place face-to-face, but we recreated some of those question and answer interactions here.

Be sure to check back as we add more Q&A. 

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