The creativity and passion of local Apprenticeship Training Centers, our trades partners, and apprenticeship advocates is obvious in the outstanding videos they have produced. Here's just a sample. Be sure to let us know if you find a really good one that we've missed that should be included here! 

       ...It takes smart people to build smart buildings. Just sayin'.

Operating Engineers
Local 49
courtesy of Local 49 Training Center

       ...They teach you the skills you need to know to run the equipment the proper way.

Registered Apprenticeship: Your Path to a Meaningful Career
courtesy of Apprenticeship Minnesota

       ...I love this job. There's knowledge that goes into your head, but there's also knowledge that goes into your hands.

BTCU Salutes Iron Workers Local 512
courtesy of Iron Workers 512

       ...We build history. This stuff is going to be around here for a long time. It's going to outlive me for darn sure. This is how we mark our mark in time.

       ...A guy comes in, kind of clumsy with his tools, and then we see him flourish throughout the four years because that's what they're supposed to do...But the person has to want to do better.

Dionte H.
courtesy of Apprenticeship Minnesota

       ...I told my mother I was going to do an apprenticeship program and she jumped for joy. She knew what I was going to be. She said I know you can do it. I'm ready for you to stick it out.

Choose a Construction Career through Registered Apprenticeship
courtesy of Apprenticeship Minnesota

       ...I really wish I would have started this right out of high school. If I would have known about it this is exactly what I would have done.

Brick, Block & Marble Masons
courtesy of BAC Training Center MN/ND

What a career in the brick and block industry looks like!