Knowledge is power, and the more you know about apprenticeship trades education the better able you are to make important decisions about your future. We've collected the resources below as a starting point on your search for information.

Construction Career Pathways

Construct Tomorrow is part of the Construction Careers Pathway Alliance, a collaborative effort to provide year-round construction career exploration opportunities for Minnesota youth.

The Construction Careers Pathways website includes a wealth of information on the different apprenticeship and career opportunities available in a variety of professions.

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Apprenticeship Minnesota

Apprenticeship Minnesota supports Minnesota’s economy by promoting, facilitating and developing quality registered apprenticeship programs that recruit, train and retain a highly skilled and diverse workforce.

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Parents, Teachers, and School Counselors

Choosing a career path - whether it's an apprenticeship, college, or some other path - is a big decision for a high school student to make. Students often look to parents, teachers, and counselors for guidance, and we've collected resources to help inform you about the career opportunities available in the construction and building trades.

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Apprenticeship Training Centers

While on-the-job training and experience is an important part of any apprenticeship, the related classroom instruction is a vital element in preparing highly skilled workers in the construction and building trades.

Check out the program information and application details on the websites of our Construct Tomorrow trades partners - and never be shy about asking quesitons! 

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Twin Cities area Apprenticeship Training Centers


Greater Minnesota Apprenticeship Training Centers


See what goes on in a training center, hear from apprentices working in the field, and enjoy videos that show the excitement and satisfaction that comes from working in the construction and building trades. 

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Ask an Apprentice

Why didn't apprentices go to college?
Do women go into the construction trades?

How much do you make?

This is  our digital question and answer session between high school students and apprentices currently working in the construction trades. Take a look.

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Apprenticeship POV

Be sure to check out our new video series that shows what apprenticeship training looks like from the Point of View of an apprentice!


Cameras mounted to the hard hats of apprentices give a first-hand look at the training that takes place at training centers across Minnesota.

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