Construction Career Pathways

Construct Tomorrow is part of the Construction Careers Pathway (CCP) Alliance, a collaborative effort to provide year-round construction career exploration opportunities for Minnesota youth.


The intent of CCP is to provide work-based learning exposure starting in middle school and concluding with a career in the Minnesota construction industry. Additional outreach emphasis is placed on recruiting females and members of minority and immigrant groups who historically have been under-represented in the construction industry.

The Construction Careers Foundation’s (CCF) mission is to “increase the diversity of entrants into the construction trades and to enhance young people’s access to construction-related employment opportunities.”

The Construction Careers Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization guided by a volunteer board comprised of construction-business owners, management firms trade associations and labor leadership.

Along with Construct Tomorrow, the Construction Careers Foundation is one of the few organizations in Minnesota in which multiple construction trades, and their related trade associations, partner with schools, teachers, students, parents, labor and business. Our shared vision is to motivate underrepresented youth to graduate from high school, give them the chance to explore the various opportunities in the construction trades and facilitate their entrance into careers in their chosen trade.

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