Ask an Apprentice

The best part of Construct Tomorrow Student Events are when high school students get a chance to talk to apprentices - young people not much older than the students - and ask practical, real world questions about their apprenticeship. COVID-19 prevents those interactions from taking place face-to-face, but we recreated some of those question and answer interactions here.

Be sure to check back - we'll be updating these pages frequently!

What is Your Day Like at
the Training Center?

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 "A majority of my training has been hands-on learning. Making mistakes -- and this is the place to make those because you have the training and the people around to show you how to do it correctly."

Why did you Pick the 
Apprenticeship you Picked?

 "For one the money's great. It's a fun job. I get to be outside. There's always something new to do."

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What did you do in High School to Prepare for 
Your Apprenticeship?

 "Aside from working with your hands, basic math Truly and honestly, basic math is a critical skill to have especially mental math...quick on the spot and being able to read a tape measure"

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What's the Best Thing About
Your Apprenticeship?

 "The best part about my apprenticeship is being able to develop the skills that I have while being paid. And not having to pay in order to go to school."

Why Not Just go
to College?

 "...I actually knew when I was still in high school that regular four year college was not for me. I've never been school motivated...but I know I'm a hard worker and I know I can learn the things I need to know for my job working hands on..."

What is Your Day Like on
the Jobsite?

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 "Get there a half hour early. It's always best to be early. Time to stretch, time to figure out what's going on at that job up with your boss, have a little tool-box talk figuring out what we've got in the plans for the day and what we've gotta accomplish."

How Long are
Apprenticeship Programs?

 "Apprenticeship programs - like schooling - can be done as fast as you want to get it done. How hard do you want to work?

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Do Women go into
Construction Apprenticeships?

 "...I was nervous because I felt like I was going to be judged as being a woman that they'd feel I wouldn't be a hard enough worker. But I'm here. I'm doing it.


I'm doing awesome."

What Don't You Like About
Your Apprenticeship?

"...In the beginning coming to class and training. I didn't like that idea because I didn't do good in school. But when I got here....there's very positive interactions here. The staff is very uplifting."

What is
an Apprenticeship?

"...An apprenticeship is you learning under somebody that knows more than you but you're getting paid for it. You get to learn how to do things the right way from people who...have decades of experience."

How Much Do
You Make?

"...I'd say I do very's the best kind of money you'll make without having to put yourself into debt."